Our School



The architecture, especially designed to provide the space that a child needs for their correct development, is the only one in the country to have a large area of green spaces and whose growth has been vertical so as not to reduce the space for nature.


The school’s classrooms are equipped to receive up to 24 pupils. Each class has technological equipment. All the Early Years (3-6 years old) classrooms have a small inner garden, the primary education classrooms are arranged in work circles and enquiry corners and the new secondary education building inaugurated in April 2017 has state-of-the-art equipment.


At the Euroamerican College, we know that a good diet is the basis for a healthy life. Our school therefore offers food prepared each day in its own kitchen which meets international nutritional standards for children. It also uses carefully selected local products, likewise supporting fair trade food.


We have 4.5 hectares of campus, and everywhere is spacious, bright and surrounded by gardens. These gardens house various kinds of trees whose fruit is harvested by the pupils themselves.

To promote direct contact with nature, our pupils receive some of their presentations in the Greek amphitheatre and take their physical education classes in the sports areas which are spread over the green spaces of the campus.