It is our 20th anniversary and we are revitalizing the school!
Colegio Euroamericano is now Euroamerican College.
We are a private, co-ed, secular school belonging to the Euroidiomas Group, a company of recognized prestige in our country.

Located in Pachacámac, the last Green Valley of Lima, we offer our pupils an ideal location for their educational development, encouraging both academic learning and sports and arts activities in a unique, natural environment; spacious facilities and green spaces provide an exceptional atmosphere for high-quality school education.


Educación internacional en inglés

Programa del Diploma del Bachillerato Internacional

Programa del Bachillerato Internacional para la Educación Primaria (PEP)

Francés como segundo idioma extranjero

Educación para el Desarrollo Sostenible

Aulas de Secundaria de última tecnología

Apoyo psicopedagógico

Alimentación balanceada y fresca

Infraestructura moderna en un área de 4,5 ha

Extensas áreas verdes con jardín botánico

Laboratorios de ciencia e informática

Anfiteatro al aire libre, salas de arte, música y danza

¨From the age of 3, the children socialize and interact, solving problems together. They learn to be independent, carrying out actions like getting dressed and eating alone. Moreover, learning a new language from an early age favors learning, achieving a considerable repertoire in English from a very young age.””

Miss Lady Rodriguez
Nursery Teacher

I would like to invite parents to visit the school and discover the advantages of our education system, the unique experience involved in studying surrounded by green spaces and the immense tranquility that this produces in our students for the development of their skills.

Miss Nancy Takeshita
Spanish Teacher